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My name is Cindy. I live on Angel Ridge in the backwoods of Vermont with my sweet hubby. We have a grown son, a beautiful grown daughter, a super son-in-law and now our first grand-baby!


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After over 20 years in the flea market business I've written a 16 page guide on how to turn your clutter and cast-offs into cash! It's titled: TIPS & STRATEGIES FOR A SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE TAG SALE: A guide to planning and conducting your next tag sale with less hassle & bigger profits. Learn what the best kept secret to a successful tag sale is. Learn why early bird shoppers are a good thing.

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'The Old Girl' 1936 Ford Fire Truck
Wallingford Volunteer Fire Department
The 1936 Ford fire truck in the photo belongs to our local volunteer fire department. She still runs and is taken out only for parades and special occasions. She's a grand old girl but she still needs lots of TLC. I donate my time and what I can from my eBay and MainStreetShares incomes to help this group of hard working individuals who risk their own lives to save lives and property. Thank you to all who support their local volunteer fire departments! Learn more about 'The Old Girl' at:


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123 Inkjets
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Zinio Digital Magazines
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Favorite Movies

Pride & Prejudice
Sense & Sensibility
Ever After

Favorite TV Shows

Leave It To Beaver
The Dick Van Dyke Show

Favorite Books

All Jane Austen books
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Other Interests

my children
my family
cleaning out old houses & barns
volunteering for our local fire department &
raising funds for 'The Old Girl'