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If someone years ago invited you, to refer and be part of a Project like Google, Hi5, Youtube, Facebook‚?¶And to share their success, would you accepted? Would You ?

I just became a shareholder in me2everyone and I never had to pay a single penny for the shares!

You will get 2000 stock shares just for Sign in.
2000 shares for you and 5000 for me.

Why sign in?

Today I invite you for something better.

Sometimes, things like this happen ‚?¶And I give you 2 reasons:

1 ‚?? The creators intend this to be the future of the Youtube, Hi5, Facebooks, Ebay, etc

2 ‚?? When you sign in, you become a shareholder, receiving dividends from the company every year.

When you sign in you receive 2000 shares and a link like mine.
Then as a bonus you get 5000 per friend you bring in.

Oh and the great part is that every member also has the option to become a shareholder in me2everyone PLC - a British company all without spending a single penny! me2everyone is free now, free forever. They are about to recruit 70,000 people to run their own customer care business too so if you know anyone that needs some extra work, this could be ideal for them!


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