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It is so exciting to meet so many friends in Bigcrumbs. I love this website.

If you don't have someone to go under, please go under me


As your up line, I will help you to get more referals. I started on 9/27/2008 and after 5 months (on 3/4/2009), I have 636 direct referrals and 193 refereals in second, third, forth and fifth generations. I will share my experience on how to get referrals. I have written my experience into an eBook so if you need it just send me an email to let me know that you have signed up as my down line and I will send you the ebook. More referrals mean more commision. I have earned more than $130 in last month and I expect more and more income next year. After all, I only started 4 months ago!

Please check a video I created on how to set up the bigcrumbs bookmark in Favorate. I also show my account payment history to encourage people to join. Please see the video at:


or on youtube at:


I created this video because I noticed that a lot of people think it is too much 'work' and it only save a little. In the video, I show them how easy it is to use bigcrumbs and how much potential to make residual income from bigcrumbs.com.

I also wrote another ebook about how to make money by selling on eBay. There are 7 methods introduced in the ebook. I am offering one of the method for FREE. Please visit


And if you are interested in that FREE one method, please feel free to let me know.

I hope to make more friends who also want to make more money and save more money.

I am an active eBay seller. I have 5 eBay stores and a few websites. One of my websites is sharing my experience on how to make money and how to save money. Please visit it at


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