MainStreetSHARES is closing...


After over a decade in business--first as BigCrumbs, and then MainStreetSHARES--we have made the difficult decision to cease operations. Effective immediately, we will no longer accept new registrations or credit/allow additional shopping.

However, please rest-assured that we will pay any remaining credits on your account as our retail partners make us whole. We generally expect this to be approximately 1-2 months behind our regular payment schedule.

Please read on if you'd like more information. And, as always, we welcome you to contact us!

We'd like to thank all of our members who have made it a joy to serve you and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


Your friends at MainStreetSHARES

More Information


Why Is MainStreetSHARES Closing?

When MainStreetSHARES started (as BigCrumbs) over a decade ago, the e-commerce landscape was completely different. With Amazon now commanding a larger share of the market, many struggling retailers, and a host of other factors, we've recognized that opportunities in the third-party loyalty space have been greatly attenuated.


Can I Still Shop?

No. New shopping and new signups have been halted, effective immediately.


Will I Still Have Access To My Account?

Yes. You can continue to sign in, check your balance, account history, etc. as we wind-down operations over the coming months. However, you will simply not be able to shop.


What Will Happen To My Current Balance?

Members will be paid for bona fide credits on their accounts as retailers make MainStreetSHARES whole. In short, we expect payments to go out roughly 1-2 months behind our regular payment schedule.

Note that this includes credits from recent purchases that have yet to be credited to your account.


What Will Happen To My msSHARES?

msSHARES represented an agreement that allowed members an opportunity to financially benefit in the event that MainStreetSHARES was acquired.

Unfortunately, as MainStreetSHARES has not been acquired, your msSHARES will not deliver you the benefit we'd hoped.


Any Parting Words?

We still believe that you deserve a larger share of the tremendous wealth that you help to create for others every day.

And, finally, Thank you!