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At MainStreetSHARES you're a profit-sharing company owner.

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A Brilliant Idea

Starring you...

Each time you shop through MainStreetSHARES, you earn cash back PLUS stock in the company. Even more awesome, that same shopping also makes the company more valuable.

So, your shopping gives you ownership in something that it also makes more valuable.

We're proud to say that we pioneered the idea, and even prouder that it's catching on with savvy consumers just like you!

Short on time? Jump to the benefits.

Profit from your shopping
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Why Ownership?

Because you deserve it, literally...

As a consumer, you have more power than you know. You create wealth every day. In fact, you're the ultimate source of all wealth that's created in the economy.

So, we believe that you should share in it. It's only fair. We started with virtual shares and now that the new crowd-funding act has made it possible to give you actual stock, we're giving our members a full ownership stake in MainStreetSHARES*.

You've made others wealthy. Now, unleash your value for you.

*Pending S.E.C. approval

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How You Benefit -- The Details

1. Share Revenue When You Shop

Increase Your Monthly Cash Payment Each Time You Shop

MainStreetSHARES earns commissions when you use our links to visit and purchase from our partner stores. We also earn advertising and other revenue. You keep the majority of commissions from your own shopping, plus you share in all other company revenue streams via monthly cash payments.

Bottom Line: you share in all MainStreetSHARES revenue streams via monthly cash payments, based on your own shopping and total spending.

2. Earn msSHARES When You And Your Referrals Shop

msSHARES Entitle You To Be Paid When We're Acquired

msSHARES are virtual shares that you earn when you shop through our participating stores. You also earn bonus shares, equivalent to 10% of the shares that each of your referrals earns.

Bottom Line: msSHARES enable you to profit from the company you helped build. The collective value of all members multiplies your value, and your profit.

3. Earn Commissions When Your Referrals Shop

You Earn a Percentage of Retailer Commissions When Your Referrals Shop--Forever

From big box stores to popular boutique shops, you share in our retail partners' profits, through the commissions they pay MainStreetSHARES on your referrals' shopping. The exact amount you earn is listed on each retailer's details page.

Bottom Line: you earn a share of retailer commissions via monthly cash payments based on your referrals' shopping.

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The Game Plan



Reach & Teach Forward Thinkers - Currently Underway

In this phase, we locate and work with forward thinking members to help educate Main Street regarding how MainStreetSHARES is changing the economic game in their favor. From then, membership will begin to grow steadily, as early adopters reach later adopters, and the simple brilliance of what we're doing takes root.

Results: Increasing membership, widening name recognition, moderate media coverage



Viral Membership Increase - 6-12 Months (Projected)

Membership increases steadily as members reap the rewards and continue to spread the word. Media pick-up increases as our innovative empowerment of Main Street is juxtaposed against stories of the increasing wealth gap. The combination of member interest and media coverage creates a feedback loop, leading our growth to a critical mass. At this point, MainStreetSHARES will go viral.

Results: Viral growth, wide media coverage, unstoppable momentum



Share Monthly Revenue With Members - Ongoing

Shared monthly revenue and referral commissions, plus msSHARES will fuel growth at every stage. Member excitement increases continuously as members earn more money and recognize that the growth in membership is multiplying their own potential return when MainStreetSHARES is acquired. Retailers also take note of increased member spending, thereby leading to more valuable member offers, increasing commissions, and more advertising revenue for members to share.

Results: Greatly increased company/member revenue and value, redirection of increasing retailer advertising spend to MainStreetSHARES

End Game


Acquisition - 1-2 Years (Projected)

As a large percentage (very possibly the majority) of online shopping is directed through MainStreetSHARES and a significant share of retailer ad spending is redirected to MainStreetSHARES, its value will be massive and undeniable. To sell effectively online, retailers will increasingly turn to MainStreetSHARES. Likewise, it will be difficult for even large advertising companies to capture retailers' advertising revenue. They will then seek to acquire MainStreetSHARES.

Results: Acquisition of MainStreetSHARES, payment of member share of cash proceeds, many smiling faces

Note: This is a projection and in no way intended to be a guarantee. While we are aware that it is atypical for a "traditional" company to publicize its plans in this manner, we believe it's important for our vested members to understand our objectives.

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Who Are We?

Smart question! MainStreetSHARES is all about our members, but it's important to know who's managing your company.

Vince Martin - CEO

Software Guy & Long-Time Entrepreneur

Vince bootstrapped BigCrumbs.com into a profitable cash-back business before re-launching as MainStreetSHARES. He's always had a passion for creative ideas and enabling everyday people to share in the economy. So, after helping members to save and earn millions of dollars with BigCrumbs over a decade, he decided that MainStreetSHARES was the best way to give members a real share of the economy (literally).

In Vince, you have a capable and experienced manager who knows the business and has a solid plan for building beyond cash-back.

Vivian Foster - Senior Merchant Account Manager

Deal-Maker Extraordinaire

Vivian has worked with merchants for nearly a decade and it's her job to get you awesome deals and the best cash back rates. Direct, creative, and business-minded, she's a deal-making super-hero.

The more you shop through MainStreetSHARES, the more powerful Vivian becomes!

Briana Anderson - Member Services Lead

Making You Happy

Briana runs our Member Services (a.k.a. Customer Support) department and it's her job to ensure that you're absolutely happy on Main Street! She's one of the quickest studies you'll meet and she genuinely cares about youse guys.

Briana's a great fixer. Bright and positive, she's always courteous and helpful.

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Have fun, save money, and own stock in a company you're helping to grow. Sweet!